Who are we and what do we do?

About Us

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with backgrounds as lenders, sales directors and underwriters. 

The combined experience and knowledge allows our team to explore different paths to find the best way to fund your next business expansion. 

We serve the needs of our Customers, taking time to understand their requirements and then structuring bespoke funding solutions suited for them.

Because there’s always more to a business than the last set of accounts or bank statement, we take the time to learn who our customers really are and where they’re trying to get to. Only by treating each business as unique can we tailor a solution to fit.

Made Simple Finance has partnered with a panel of global funders providing Specialist Finance Solutions to UK Businesses.

Our purpose is to help all business, from start ups to SMEs by providing the best suited finance product to meet the customer’s needs.

We also work with Suppliers and Manufacturers with their own funding packages, therefore making it easier for their customers to acquire new machinery and equipment.
We welcome you to contact our team of experts to learn more about business finance products including loans, leases and hire purchase.

Why Choose Us?

Work with our Team of Experienced Professionals.

Our mission is to provide a fast, efficient service and get you finance that fits your requirements and cash flow.

Providing unbeatable customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to provide you with a tailored asset finance package that is right for you.

Let us help you understand the options available to you.

We get your finance arranged sooner rather than later – letting you get on with the business of business.


Access to a range of specialist lenders who each specialise in their own fields - We'll find a soultion that works for you


Over 20 years combined experience in the asset finance, sales and real estate industry - Our team includes professionals with backgrounds as lenders, sales directors and underwriters.


The combined experienced and knowledge allows us to give our clients an amazing insight into the lending processes and turn obstacles into opportunities.